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Aira Khonghun. A blogger from another section and assigned to me in evaluating her blogs and its content. When I knew her surname I was thinking if she is related to the Mayor of Subic City, Zambales. Because it is one of our provinces. At first view of her account, I already knew that her favorite color is pink (hot pink actually) because most of her blogs were colored pink. As far as I know she made almost 50 blog entries. I watched her video blog and its great. She is good at playing the keyboard. She loves chocolates, Milk Tea and anything about Fashion. She is kikay because of the pictures of her and that determines that she is one. The blogger’s entries are very catchy and pleasant with eyes of every reader because her entries are composed of pictures and writings that collide with each other suitably according to blogger’s theme or topic. Her poems are cool. And that’s it. It’s pleasing but the word play should be improved. Over all her blog is good.


Creativity = 16/20

Writing Skills = 15/20

Quantity = 20/20


Simbang Gabi, a tradition that we Filipinos try to follow. 9 days of dawn masses, for some, a big sacrifice because we have to wake up at 4 in the morning.  For some, they don’t sleep. Other people go to simbang gabi, for the sake of their wishes to come true. For some, other personal reasons. 

I smell Christmas

During Christmas season, this is the time wherein we can really feel the reality that we are all brother’s and sisters. This is the time when we all look over our differences and just accept each other. Christmas is the season when we all can be united, may it be bazaars, sales and events. 


I have pairs of Jordan 1, 7, 11, 13, 15. But I want to collect them all

These pairs of shoes are like collector’s items, if you have them you actually have bragging rights. You have each pair? You must really be a fan. 



EL paborito. 

The favorite drink, the best drink. The worth it drink.

It may be a small shot, but it can hit you straight to the brain. 

a shot of this, can make you sexy.

Man’s bestfriend

Man’s best friend, but also, OUR BESTFRIEND.

meet our pet :))))))))) 


Michael Jordan he has redefined basketball for our generation. No one has tried to exceed the records of our time. He is an idol, for our generation. Even Bryant was not able to reach all of Jordan’s achievements. He is truly a person we can look up to, his passion, his hard-work, and all of the things that he is known for. 

Drift King.

Born in 1956.

Known as the drift king.